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Frommer's Easy Guide to Prince Edward island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (USED)

Frommer's Easy Guide to Prince Edward island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (USED)

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Frommer's books aren't written by committee, or by travel writers who simply pop in briefly to a destination and then consider the job done. We employ the best local experts to author our guides, like Darcy Rhyno, a seasoned journalist born into a Nova Scotia fishing family, who has been traveling through the Maritimes since he was a small child and built his career writing in and about Atlantic Canada.

Rhyno introduces readers to the best and most authentic restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions and nightlife in the Maritimes; and provides unique insights into their history, natural wonders and vibrant contemporary culture. Most importantly, he'll tell you straight out what's worth your precious vacation time...and what you can skip with no qualms.

This light, portable book includes a fold-out map, plus detailed maps throughout the guide, exact pricing, opening hours, and the other important details that will make your trip smoother and less hectic. It features smartly conceived itineraries for travelers of all types and fastidiously researched information on the Maritimes' famed scenic drives and hiking opportunities. It offers savvy, sometimes sneaky, tips for saving money in ALL price ranges, whether you need to pinch pennies or can splash out a bit.

Frommer's Easy Guide to San Francisco (USED)

Frommer's Easy Guide to San Francisco (USED)

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A brilliant wit once said that, to most Americans, even though they have never been there, San Francisco is their favorite town. The existence of that belief is the strongest proof of the glorious vacation experience that awaits the visitor to that city by the Bay, that Paris of the West, a diverse, beautiful and cosmopolitan city that excites millions of visitors each year. It is truly the favorite town of America, and no agrees more than our author. Here is her thoroughly revised 256-page tribute to a massively popular destination.
Frommer's Greek Islands; with Athens and Best Cruises (USED)

Frommer's Greek Islands; with Athens and Best Cruises (USED)

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This guide has been written for those who visit Greece for beaches, beautiful weather and island hopping. Its centrepiece is a feature on cruises, with reviews of each line and tips on how to get the best deal. Also included is information on accommodation, sightseeing, dining and nightlife.
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Frommer's Places Where You Can Make a Difference (USED)

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Inspired by the eye-opening events of 9/11, the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, more and more people are waking up to the value of service - and realizing that their vacation may be the best place to incorporate it into their hectic lives. Even more profoundly, many travelers are deciding that the best way to recharge may not be lying on a beach, but stepping outside of their normal routine to make a difference in the lives of others. The result is an experience that allows travelers to explore a culture in great depth, make new friends, and come home feeling that they have learned and benefited even more than those they have helped.

The book will provide a diverse range of volunteer vacations, with most trips easily accomplished within a one or two-week vacation. Following the highly successful format of Frommer's 500 Places To Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up, chapters will be organized by subject, providing dozens of unique vacation ideas for any traveler:

  • Introduction: How you know if a volunteer vacation is right for you, and what to ask
  • Sharing your knowledge: teaching vacations
  • Animal welfare: surveying wildlife, animal rescue
  • Working with children: orphanages, at-risk youth, street kids
  • Scientific research: archaeology, marine life
  • Healing the environment: conservation work, trail building, tree planting
  • Building better communities: construction projects and manual labor
  • Share the health: AIDS education, working with the disabled, feeding the hungry
  • Teaching through sport: coaching and training
  • Bridging cultures: working with indigenous peoples, historical preservation, music
  • Special events: becoming a festival volunteer
  • Crossing generations: helping seniors
  • Getting political: elections, human rights, refugee relief, community organizing
  • Peace-building: conflict resolution and security
  • Religious service: retreats and faith-based assistance
  • Bringing expertise: opportunities for those with specialized skills
  • Serving your kids: children-friendly trips that will open their eyes to the world
  • Frommer's Santa Fe, Taos, & Albuquerque (USED)

    Frommer's Santa Fe, Taos, & Albuquerque (USED)

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    America's #1 bestselling travel series

    Written by more than 175 outspoken travelers around the globe, Frommer's Complete Guides help travelers experience places the way locals do.

  • More annually updated guides than any other series
  • 16-page color section and foldout map in all annual guides
  • Outspoken opinions, exact prices, and suggested itineraries
  • Dozens of detailed maps in an easy-to-read, two-color design
  • Frommers Chicago with Kids (USED)

    Frommers Chicago with Kids (USED)

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  • Opinionated write-ups. No bland descriptions and lukewarm recommendations. Our expert writers are passionate about their destinations--tell it like it is in an engaging and helpful way.
  • Exact prices listed for every establishment and activity--no other guides offer such detailed, candid reviews of hotels and restaurants. We include the very best, but also emphasize moderately priced choices for real people.
  • All Kids guides offer user-friendly features including star ratings and special icons to point readers to great finds, excellent values, insider tips, special moments, and overrated experiences.
  • The latest, savviest trip-planning advice--from saving money on airfares to renting a cell phone abroad to the latest advice on sustainable travel-to help readers make the most of their time and money.
  • Germany (USED)

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    Packed with photographs, illustrations, and detailed maps, discover Germany from the country's beautiful castles and cathedrals to the popular beer halls and festivals. "Eyewitness Travel Guide: Germany" provides all the insider tips every visitor needs from where to find the best food and Christmas markets to ideas for walks and hikes with comprehensive listings of the best hotels, resorts, restaurants and night life in each region for all budgets. Including 3D cutaways and floor-plans of all the must-see sites, plus street-by-street maps of many of the great German towns and cities, "Eyewitness Travel Guide: Germany" explores the culture, architecture, history and art of this diverse country not forgetting to mention the best national parks and outdoor activities."
    GR5 Trail (USED)

    GR5 Trail (USED)

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    Guidebook to the northernmost section of the GR5 - from Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands, through Belgium and Luxembourg, to Schirmeck in the northeast of France. Described over 49 stages, this 1000 kilometre section of the GR5 is relatively easy and ideal for those who don't want to hike up and down steep mountains - or not just yet.

    Clear route description is accompanied by 1:100K mapping, together with information on points of interest passed along the way. Background information on landscape, wildlife and history is included, as is practical information - everything from clothing, equipment, food, drink and waymarking to maps, money and staying in touch - making planning and executing a trip as easy as possible.

    One of the world's best long distance walking trails, the GR5, in its entirety, covers an impressive 1423 miles (2290km) on its way from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. This northern stretch - before the trail hits the depth of the Vosges - is as much a cultural experience as it is a walk through nature. Walkers will discover different linguistic communities, culinary traditions and architecture. Those partial to museums will also be in for a treat - from tugboats to wine, salt to flint, the route passes by an impressive array of interesting cultural institutions.

    Two further Cicerone guidebooks cover the remaining sections of the GR5; 'The GR5 Trail - Vosges and Jura', and 'The GR5 Trail' which covers the route from Lac Léman to the Mediterranean.

    Granville Island: An Urban Oasis (USED)

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    Green Guide Paris (USED)

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