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Matters of Life and Death (USED)

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Men in Black (USED)

Men in Black (USED)

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"A modern conservative classic." - Sean Hannity

"Men in Black couldn't be more timely or important....a tremendously important and compelling book." - Rush Limbaugh

"One of the finest books on the Constitution and the judiciary I've read in a long time....There is no better source for understanding and grasping the seriousness of this issue." - Edwin Meese III

"The Supreme Court has broken through the firewalls constructed by the framers to limit judicial power."

"America's founding fathers had a clear and profound vision for what they wanted our federal government to be," says constitutional scholar Mark R. Levin in his explosive book, Men in Black. "But today, our out-of-control Supreme Court imperiously strikes down laws and imposes new ones to suit its own liberal whims--robbing us of our basic freedoms and the values on which our country was founded."

In Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America, Levin exposes countless examples of outrageous Supreme Court abuses, from promoting racism in college admissions, expelling God and religion from the public square, forcing states to confer benefits on illegal aliens, and endorsing economic socialism to upholding partial-birth abortion, restraining political speech, and anointing terrorists with rights.

Levin writes: "Barely one hundred justices have served on the United States Supreme Court. They're unelected, they're virtually unaccountable, they're largely unknown to most Americans, and they serve for many ways the justices are more powerful than members of Congress and the president.... As few as five justices can and do dictate economic, cultural, criminal, and security policy for the entire nation."

In Men in Black, you will learn:

  • How the Supreme Court protects virtual child pornography and flag burning as forms of free speech but denies teenagers the right to hear an invocation mentioning God at a high school graduation ceremony because it might be "coercive."
  • How a former Klansman and virulently anti-Catholic Supreme Court justice inserted the words "wall of separation" between church and state in a 1947 Supreme Court decision--a phrase repeated today by those who claim to stand for civil liberty.
  • How Justice Harry Blackmun, a one-time conservative appointee and the author of Roe v. Wade, was influenced by fan mail much like an entertainer or politician, which helped him to evolve into an ardent activist for gay rights and against the death penalty.
  • How the Supreme Court has dictated that illegal aliens have a constitutional right to attend public schools, and that other immigrants qualify for welfare benefits, tuition assistance, and even civil service jobs.

  • Miami (USED)

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    Military Expansion Economic Decline (USED)

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    Mosaic (USED)

    Mosaic (USED)

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    "One of America's most popular music artists shares beautiful pieces of an unforgettable human mosaic, revealing pieces of a life in progress.
    With her unmistakable voice and honest lyrics, Amy Grant has captured a unique place in American music. As the bestselling Christian music artist of all time, a crossover pop sensation, and the wife of country music star Vince Gill, Amy has lived much of her life in the spotlight, subject to adulation, speculation, and scrutiny. Now for the first time she bares her heart and soul to reveal thoughts on everything from motherhood and marriage to fame and forgiveness. Whether describing personal moments alone on a moonlit hillside or very public ones performing with the likes of Tony Bennett and James Taylor, Amy presents a captivating collection of beautiful reflections on life, love, and faith.
    Includes Never Before Published Lyrics to New Songs
    Rendered with the lyrical insight we see in her music, Amy reflects on the pieces of her life through the years, forming a vivid mosaic of memories rich in color, varied in texture, and united in their heartfelt design.

    ""Thanks to writing and remembering, I'm re-inspired to value both the mundane and magical moments. In trying to capture a few memories as best as I can, I give myself the gift of treasuring what has been so far a very full and meaningful life. I hope you will do the same with yours." --Amy Grant
    Amy Grant weaves original lyrics and poetry into a narrative patchwork of timeless candor in "Mosaic." The pieces of her life so far provide stunning inspiration for her beloved fans. Mixing lighthearted reminiscences of her Tennessee childhood, poignant scenes from her life as a wife and mother, and down-to-earth insight from her celebrity stardom, Amy invites you into her world and gently leads you to fresh insights about your own.
    Amy's winsome personality and joyful authenticity radiate from each page, welcoming you into the satisfying company of a warm and compassionate artist--a woman who sees life through a unique and deeply personal lens.
    Amy Grant got her start in the music business with a part-time job sweeping up a Nashville music studio, which provided the perfect opportunity to duplicate a tape of her original songs as a gift for her family. A studio executive overheard her recordings--and the rest is music history.
    Since the surprising success of her debut album thirty years ago, Amy has grown into a music legend, with six Grammy Awards, twenty-six Dove Awards, and six pop chart-topping hits to her credit. An inductee into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame, she also was honored in 2006 with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Nation: 100th Issue (USED)

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    Nature Lives (USED)

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    Based on an intensive year-long study of the river and its surrounding regions, this is an engrossing portrait of the river and the people who live along its banks. Along with the stories of the people is the natural history of the river, a river and an ecosystem under seige. Author River Walk tour down the Delaware.
    No They Can't: Why Government Fails- But Individuals Succeed

    No They Can't: Why Government Fails- But Individuals Succeed

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    New York Times bestselling journalist John Stossel shows how the expansion of government control is destructive for American society.

    The government is not a neutral arbiter of truth. It never has been. It never will be. Doubt everything. John Stossel does. A self-described skeptic, he has dismantled society's sacred cows with unerring common sense. Now he debunks the most sacred of them all: our intuition and belief that government can solve our problems. In No, They Can't, the New York Times bestselling author and Fox News commentator insists that we discard that idea of the "perfect" government--left or right--and retrain our brain to look only at the facts, to rethink our lives as independent individuals--and fast.

    With characteristic tenacity, John Stossel outlines and exposes the fallacies and facts of the most pressing issues of today's social and political climate--and shows how our intuitions about them are, frankly, wrong:

    - the unreliable marriage between big business, the media, and unions

    - the myth of tax breaks and the ignorance of their advocates

    - why "central planners" never create more jobs and how government never really will

    - why free trade works--without government Interference

    - federal regulations and the trouble they create for consumers

    - the harm caused to the disabled by government protection of the disabled

    - the problems (social and economic) generated by minimum-wage laws

    - the destructive daydreams of "health insurance for everyone"

    - bad food vs. good food and the government's intrusive, unwelcome nanny sensibilities

    - the dumbing down of public education and teachers' unions

    - how gun control actually increases crime

    . . . and more myth-busting realities of why the American people must wrest our lives back from a government stranglehold.

    Stossel also reveals how his unyielding desire to educate the public with the truth caused an irreparable rift with ABC (nobody wanted to hear the point-by- point facts of ObamaCare), and why he left his long-running stint for a new, uncensored forum with Fox. He lays out his ideas for education innovation as well and, finally, makes it perfectly clear why government action is the least effective and desirable fantasy to hang on to. As Stossel says, "It's not about electing the right people. It's about narrowing responsibilities." No, They Can't is an irrefutable first step toward that goal.

    Other People's Children: An Intimate Account of the Dilemmas Facing Middle Class Parents and the Women They Hire to Raise Their Children (USED)

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    Interviews with more than 150 parents and care givers inform a probing examination of the anxieties and conflicts that arise in situations in which middle-class parents and their children's care givers have different cultural backgrounds.

    Padrinos Y Mercaderes: Crimen organizado en Italia y Colombia (USED)

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