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Foreign Language Studies

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Berlitz Russian Phrase Book & Dictionary (USED)

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Part language instructor, part tour guide, the world-renowned Berlitz Phrase Book series has been the ideal companion guide for millions of travelers worldwide. Providing a wealth of essential information and practical tips, this popular series, redesigned and updated, is primed for a new generation of foreign country visitors. With over 1,200 useful phrases and expressions and over 2,300 words covering just about any situation a traveler is likely to encounter, Berlitz Phrase Books remain the unparalleled market leader.

Completely redesigned for greater ease of use, Berlitz Phrase Books provide:
-- A new "essentials" section, offering the most basic vocabulary for quick reference
-- Expanded cultural tips, including sites to visit, places to dine, and faux pas to avoid
-- Easier-to-read single columns
-- Contemporary icons and illustrations
-- Up-to-date language to reflect the changes in banking, entertainment, media, and technology
-- Over 1,200 useful phrases and over 2,300 words
-- A unique color-coding system
-- An easy-to-read pronunciation guide
-- A dictionary with more than 3,500 words to fit any situation
-- A manageable, portable size

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First 100 Words in Spanish (USED)

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-- A basic vocabulary of 100 words is delightfully illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

-- Foreign language editions list each word with its English equivalent

-- Sticker books have 100 stickers to correspond with vocabulary

-- The 40-minute video tapes are animated introductions that make learning a language simple and fun

Mastering the Greek Vocabulary (USED)

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Pocket Spanish Dictionary, Webster's

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A small, conveniently sized Spanish dictionary for quick, easy look-ups

This popular pocket Spanish dictionary has now been updated to include new terms as well as five new practical sections on making phone calls, expressing date and time, making introductions, expressing opinions, making suggestions, and extending invitations. Small enough to throw in a backpack or a purse, this pocket dictionary is perfect for school, work, or travel.
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Schaum's Foreign Language Series; Communicating in French (USED)

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Part of a series, this is book II at the intermediate level. Providing practical French for every-day usage, it covers such topics as greetings and salutations, social activities, giving/receiving directions, talking on the telephone, working, shopping and discussing current events.
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See It and Say It in Spanish (USED)

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Master Spanish quickly and easily with this guide--written by internationally famous language teacher Margarita Madrigal--that has two built-in learning aids that has helped thousands of beginner students learn to speak Spanish.

THE WORD AND PICTURE METHOD--Each new word, phrase, or sentence is accompanied by a line drawing that immediately explains its meaning.

READY-MADE VOCABULARY--Right from the starts, this books leads you to speaking conversational Spanish. It utilizes everyday Spanish words and phrases that look and sound like their English equivalents.

Also includes:
- A traveler's word list
- A pronunciation guide
- A grammar section